Website Design Services

Our expertise in web development, dedication to technical and artistic excellence, desire to design unique low cost solutions, and commitment in providing superior support services guarantees that each web site is developed to effectively optimize the user's experience.  

We specialize in developing innovative, yet affordable, solutions by utilizing advanced Open Source technologies. By using robust cutting-edge technologies that become available as open source web engineering applications, our clients realize significant cost savings in site development and support.

Our selection criteria for the open source technologies include the following key elements:

  • Maturity- Only the most mature, well-tested products that have been deployed successfully in many diverse and complex websites.
  • Innovations- Products that are continuously evolving and that provide cutting-edge features for creating robust solutions.
  • Ease of Use- Ability to manage content, add content, and update the site by using a simple browser-based interface.
  • Flexibility- Ability to quickly build sites that can be implemented without the use of specialized commercial software.
  • Expandability- Allow the ability to incorporate add-ons or develop custom applications or databases for specialized services.

Our development approach is to establish a website framework enabling easy future website enhancement and growth as well as on-going maintenance. This protects our client's investment and keeps maintenance costs to a minimum.  

Website Hosting Services

Fast and secure Website Hosting and Services

As our client's web site design and development partner, Interactive Eware understands that your site requires a fast and secure web hosting system.

We truly believe that website hosting extends beyond simply keeping a website on-line and as such our hosting services combine hosting and server maintenance on an on-going basis.

Interactive Eware offers affordable and reliable hosting by allowing our clients to choose from either shared or dedicated hosting solutions offering 99.9% uptime.

  • fast reliable access
  • multiple redundant connections
  • high level of performance, security and bandwidth
  • network and data center security
  • internal firewalls
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • spam filters
  • full and incremental data backup
  • FTP available